No Words Can Explain

I have removed all the old posts from my blog.  I decided I need to let all of that go.  This week I had my big “AHA” moment.  I realized that I allowed my life to be put on hold.  This isn’t an issue I have been dealing with for just the past few years, but my whole life.  I never really dealt with the pain that my childhood had brought me.  I never attempted to fill the empty voids in my life or at least fill them with something positive and productive. To this point I fill I have lived a lost life, but no more.  I realize the pain that my parents caused me needs to be released.  That pain has been the center of my life’s ugliness.  Today I move forward.  Today I ask God to please relieve me of this pain.  Give me the strength to truly forgive.

I know I have to change my approach to life.  I know I need to get many areas in my life under control.  I know it won’t be easy, but it can be done.  I have lived 51 years of my life allowing the hurt from others effect the way I have lived and dealt with others.  My life now heads into a new period.  What I have just survived during this past period of my life will be known as the Before Aha Moment (BAM).  From this point forward this period of my life will be known as Life Is Very Enjoyable (LIVE).  I need to make my life from this point forward one I am actually living.  I need to let go of the “why did they do this to me” and the “I’ll be happy when….” attitude.  I was reminded this week to look at the positive things in my life and there are some.  Think of the great potential that you truly have.  Remember to remind myself that to truly succeed, you need to take risk and that I have accomplished the risk part, but all I can do is to continue working towards the  success.  I’m ready, I more than ready.

I know I won’t be able to always make my posts positive, but my goal is for most of them to be.  I know that I will still have those down moments, but I need to realize it’s only temporary if I continue moving forward.  Life is good, now I move on to the better and great stages of it.  God is in control, I just need to acknowledge it.

Dear Heavenly Father,

I come to a broken and shattered man.
I know I have sinned.  I know I’m not perfect.
I look to You for the forgiveness that I need to turn my life around.
I ask You to please remove all the anger and pain from my heart so that I may forgive.
I ask that You touch the hearts of those that I have hurt, allow them to forgive me.
Please bring healing to all of those around me and healing to myself.
I ask you this in all of Your Glory.

In Jesus name I pray




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