Life’s Detours

It seems ever morning that I get up, there is another detour on the way to my destination. I always seem to find a different route to get around the detour. Sometimes the route I find is simple and I’m back on course. Other times the detour can be slow, treacherous and can create many difficulties along the way. Getting through detours have become a little easier with GPS (Global Positioning System), but I still seem to reach my even if the detour was difficult.


Life is pretty much the same way. Our lives can take a detour and sometimes it’s simple to to get through them and other times quite difficult. I find it easier and easier to get through life’s detours with a different GPS (God’s Powerful Signs.). I only need to look for God’s signs to me in order to get through the detours of life.


Life is a journey and no two are the same. So make the best of your journey even through all the detours. Because in the end, we are all striving for the same destination, our Heavenly Father’s Kingdom.


About weightingtobe

On a journey for a full life.
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