Commit to Myself

Today I’m in St. Joseph, MI. It’s a gorgeous early Fall day and this weekend happens to be their Fall Festival, that evens adds more to this gorgeous day. I realize today is another gift from God. Today is another day for me to reflect and start anew.

I realized on the drive here how much I REALLY love to travel. To experience other areas of this wonderful country. Unfortunately due to the job situation over the past several years, the funds haven’t been there to truly travel like I want to travel. I’ll take and appreciate today, but I realize I need to make some drastic changes to achieve my goals in a way pleasing to God.

I not only need to continue my commitment to God, but also to myself. I know in order to truly be successful spiritually and professionally, I need to get myself in the best physical shape possible. My years of neglecting myself are beginning to take it’s toll.

So today I renew my commitment to myself. I pray to God for the guidance and strength and I ask Him to bring those into my life with the care and compassion to guide me. I once again thank God for this gorgeous day and the opportunity to start anew.

About weightingtobe

On a journey for a full life.
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