Please Grant Me Strenghth

These last couple of days have really been a test. Yesterday I dealt with my dad and the confusion is really starting to show with his Alzheimer’s and dementia. I watched him struggle with some fairly basic tasks and it is obvious that logic is beginning to go. I know things will not get easier in this situation, but I pray that he is free of pain and keeps his dignity.

Today we are dealing with my in-laws. My father in-law is legally blind and living alone at home while his wife of 66 years lays in a nursing home battling cancer and kidney failure which will take her life probably sooner rather than later. I pray for both of them and ask for continued strength and love for them while they continue through this.

As I sit in the waiting area by the main entrance, while my wife is in with her mom preparing her for bed, a gentleman from a local mortuary entered the building with an empty stretcher. After several minutes he returned with someone on the stretcher. I watched him exit the building with the covered body and a tidal wave of emotion came over me. The reality of mine and my wife’s situation. Dealing with our aging parents. Witnessing our siblings be absent from the situation. My wife is one of five remaining children and gets a little help from two of them, but it is minimal. I am one of six children in my family and get NO help from my siblings except for some from my younger brother. My dad hasn’t seen his four other children, yes all adults, in almost five years.

I’m constantly being told that this is the way it always is. That may be so, but it doesn’t make it any easier. I pray for my wife for the strength to carry on during this tough time and for all of you wonderful people caring for your parents. God bless each and every one of you.


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