Blaming someone else or others for our misfortune or bad luck is common for most people. The problem is when it continues to happen, who really is to blame. I have struggled for the past several years. I have battled financial, career, family and faith issues. I have dealt with turmoil, anger, depression, instability and lack of faith. It has been hard times and they continue.

I’m failing at providing for my family. I battle the feelings of being looked at as worthless and a failure. I’m numb to emotions and have lost trust in most people. I now live a life of I know things can get worse. I hate the way I feel. I hate what I’ve become.

I know how easy it would to be to blame family or work or friends or the church and yes even God. I know the blame can be passed to those that have walked away or have become silent during these tough times, but the pattern to all of this is blame.

Blame is the worst tool to use when working on turning your life around. If you take a good hard look at the situation, you will realize that YOU are the common denominator, I have. I have realized I’m the guy that shows up to a social event, mingles for a little while and then retreats to a corner feeling inferior. No one at the party’s fault than my own.

The world is full of enough unhappy people that try to make others feel bad about themselves, we don’t need to do it to ourselves. We need to be our own best friend, own coach and our own cheerleader. We look to others for these things and that’s ok, but we need to start with ourselves. If you can’t motivate, feel good and get along with yourself, then why would anyone else.

The worst part of a busted ego is the humility we must face. These past several years have humbled me beyond belief. I have felt the pain of it all. I have felt the loss and the grief. I have watched life pass by as a spectator watching everyone else succeed and grow in many ways.

I have come to the realization that I must change. I’m just like an old car that has been ran hard and neglected I get from point A to point B, but it’s not pretty and I generally experience difficulties along the way. I’m here to tell you that even the old car can be overhauled. It can be tuned up new tires and detailed and be as good as new. The question is how bad did we let it get will depend on how much work it will take to fix.

We are no different. We can overhaul ourselves and be as good as new. We can make the changes to ourselves and our life to be happy and feel purpose in our life. Yes, purpose. If we feel we have purpose, we feel accomplished, we feel needed. We need purpose in our lives and God gives us that.

God created us. God created us for a reason, for a purpose. If you just need one purpose in life, it is to get close to God. Developed the closest most loving relationship with our Holy Father as possible. We know we can have this relationship and if you do, I know it will lead to others.

I feel that as my relationship with God has grown, so has my purpose. I feel this blog has a purpose, it just needs to help one person and it has, me. I feel this purpose will grow and lead to the things.

So to wrap this up, I believe to have life we need purpose and we have purpose through God.

God Bless




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