Happy Holidays 2015

It’s several weeks before Christmas and there is no time to play, because now it’s Black Friday on Thursday, Thanksgiving Day.

Now the turkey dinner has been eaten and leftovers put away, but no football or napping it’s survival of the fittest shopping today.

The parking lots are full and stores are even worse, and an angry bargain shopper, just hit me with her purse.

We are all looking for outrageous bargains for my daughter, wife and me, the 100 inch TV for $40 are gone, they had only three.

There’s no time for comfy or home all snuggle in my bed. Nope two hours in line at Walmart talking to my new friend Fred.

Now we see that times are changing and it’s not like it use to be. Spending time with family members and maybe putting up a tree.

It’s about who can get the most and go bragging to us all, about standing in a line at 4 a.m. at the local shopping mall.

It’s not about the gifts like some clothes, a game or toy. It’s about the birth of our Savior who brings us love, peace and joy.

So to all of my social media friends who live so far and near. I wish for you a wonderful holiday season full of peace and Christmas Cheer.

    HAPPY HOLIDAYS 2015 – Wb


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On a journey for a full life.
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