Struggle I May, Faith I Have

The past few days have been hard. The leader(s) of a particular church continue to discredit my name and have now called me untrustworthy. This particular church has had many victims and as always continues to blame the victim. To experience the cold hearted unrelenting beating I have taken over the past year is inexcusable. I took their “settlement”, I took the high road and ignored the insults, but now that THEY have broken the law and once again want to blame me.

I now feel that I need to walk away from this church. I don’t feel the Love of Christ when I walk in the door. They tell me that it’s just one man, if that’s true then where are the ones to defend me, they don’t exist, they don’t care.

Through all of this I have learned one thing, God is with me, God does protect me. I have been through so much over the past two years, that I know God has been with me all the way. He has humbled me. He has protected me. He has loved me.

My faith is now stronger than ever. I have never felt His presence more than I do now. He is sending words of comfort and hope to me. He is delivering to me what I need. The power and strength that I am feeling through the love of God and Jesus is unexplainable.

I may be struggling, but my faith is growing.


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