Moment of Reflection – Trump Supporter

I have started this post so many times, but could never find the right words to complete it and still probably haven’t. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I know this past election cycle has just taken it out of me.  First of all the name calling that I have had to endure during this election has been disheartening.  I’ve been called deplorable, homophobic, racist and crazy just to mention a few.  My religion and my faith have been attacked.  Now I try to do things and do them because they are the right things to do and not looking to get credit, that’s where my faith comes in.
For almost 15 years my wife and I took care of my gay brother-in-law who had contracted AIDS.  For a redneck from Milroy, IN this was a big adjustment for me, but my faith carried me through it.  Have all of you that want to throw a label on me ever experienced the years of helping someone as they battle with this dreaded disease, you have my sympathy if you have.  I have friends and family that are members of the LGBT community and I have nothing but love for them.
My daughter went off to college and ended up pregnant.  Many of you would look at that as no big deal, find the closest Planned Parenthood office and just have an abortion.  Sorry my faith doesn’t believe in that and I would like for you to look at this beautiful little girl’s picture below, she is my life.
I hear so much about all the mental and physical abuse in this country.  Trust me I have suffered more than my share of mental abuse in my lifetime.  I am from a highly dysfunctional family and have more baggage than I care to share.
This election was about the “people left behind”, I am one of them.  I am a victim of this economy and have struggled for almost eight years now.  What do I mean by struggle?  I’m one of the under employed, grateful for what I do have, but know that I should be doing much better.  I have been working jobs to survive, but still desire a career.  The policies of the current administration have strangled “real” job growth in this country.
I live in a house full of women, wife, daughter and grandaughter.  I love all of my girls and I will do anything for them.  They are my world and I know they should be treated with nothing but respect.
My list can go on and on about what I have experienced in my life.  It hasn’t been easy and I have given until it hurts. Trump was not elected because he has some magic bullet to fix it all, he was elected because he acknowledged the ones left behind. The one he ran against would only continue our current course which is dividing our nation.  So many want to cry how he will divide this country, trust me it already is.
So all of you sitting in your “ivory towers” yelling, racist, deplorable, homophobe, sexist/misogynist or any other of the many names you have called any of us that have supported Trump, some of us have real life experience.  I’m here to tell you if you are going by what you were told by the news media, heard from a college professor, saw on social media, informed by a politician or even heard from clergy, make sure you also consider your life experiences.
The $10 TRILLION added to our debt over the past 8 years should be enough for any of you that our shouting about being terrified about our future.  I saw where a school teacher said she now had to go to school and tell her students about the terrifying country that we now live in.  She didn’t tell them that when our current administration told us we ARE taking in undocumented refugees that have committed so many crimes in Europe?
I know this post isn’t going to change the world.  I know this isn’t going to change anyone’s opinions.  I just wanted people to know that some of us crazy, deplorable, homophobic, sexist/misogynist, racist, Christian, Trump voting Americans, have done some good and are some pretty good people.

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