Getting Past the Pain (Like, Comment, Share)

The last thing I remember is seeing the streak of blue in front of me. It was followed by the impact and airbags deploying.  The feeling that consumed me I cannot describe.  There was the moment of shock and then the realization of the smoke and steam coming into the car.  Then panic sets in.  I immediately wanted to get out of the car even not knowing the extent of any injuries, I wanted to get out.  Yes three days ago I was in an auto accident, the first time in my life being in a vehicle where the airbags deployed.  The first accident where there were injuries and unfortunately that was me.  The injuries I have should heal, the mental scars may take more time.

So much changes once you’ve experienced such a situation.  The vulnerability that you feel.  The feeling of loss of control, but most of all the loneliness that can follow. Since we have lost all direct communication with family and friends, unless you use Messenger, our life’s news is shared on social media.  My accident has been posted on social medial by my wife and daughter.  Once I was able, I even shared a couple of pictures.  The disheartening part is that no “friends” have taken the time to pickup a phone and called to check on me.  I’ve had hundreds of “Likes” and many “Comments”  but no personal contact from a friend.  In defense to my friends, I’ve heard from few family members.  It has made the situation worse by feeling so lonely.  The stress of the situation is bad enough, but going through it alone is even tougher.

I have a couple of tough weeks ahead of me.  I need to heal, I need to move on.  I know God was looking out for me because this could have been much worse.  Soon I will give the whole story of this event, but for now I’m just looking for some prayers.  The silence is deafening and the heartache is painful.




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