It’s Your Choice

There are many things in life that we experience and learn from it.  We know if we place our hand in a fire, we get burned.  If we jump in a pool, we get wet.  When we stand outside in a snow storm, yes we get cold.  We know this because most of us have experienced these situations.  We take what we learned and realize what not to do if we don’t want to get burned, wet or cold.

There are other experiences in life that we never seem to learn from.  I personally am a victim of this.  I have really been looking deep inside myself over the past few weeks.  I have been going over and over in mind trying to make sense out of all that has happened.  Having your job eliminated is a tough situation that you can’t help but take it personal.  

The conclusion I have come to is that in life there are things that we do have control of and others that are out of our control.  We can choose to worry about those things out of our control or focus on what we can control and change.

Currently I want to focus on happiness.  True happiness is something that I have lacked for more years than I would probably want to admit.  I observe so many others that appear to be happy and I can only think how I want that for myself. 

I think back to my younger years and try to remember some of the happier times in my life.  I try to think of what is so different about then versus now.  There has to be something that makes things so different.  I don’t know that I have all the answers for this, I think I’m on to something.

Happiness is a choice, a choice many decide not to make.  Our society is so tied to a 24 hour news cycle and social media.  Our heads are constantly filled with anger, hate and tragic news.  We as a society have lost so much compassion for each other. We are influenced daily by all the unhappy negative people around us.  We have a choice, so make the right one.

I chose the other day to give it all to God and for the first time in a long time I feel happiness once again entering my life.  While I still feel the pain of a job loss, I focus on the fact that I don’t have to go to a boring unfulfilling job in a sad angry environment.

I focus on the ones that are truly by my side and removing negative and mean people from my life.  I want to walk in the light of happiness that God wants for ALL of us.

I chose to give it all to God.  I chose to walk with Jesus by my side.  I refuse to burn myself, get wet or freeze.  I CHOOSE to be happy with the love and grace from God.


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