I was channel surfing tonight when I came across one of those “blooper” programs with all the different outtakes from several different television shows.  The shows were from the 50’s thru the 80’s when tv held many family values.  The outtakes are hilarious, though many were R rated, they still showed the innocent humor of the past.

A past when we weren’t so politically correct and we were able to make fun of ourselves.  A time when we had no issue stating our Christian beliefs and not be ridiculed and insulted.  A time not only when we knew all of our neighbors, we sincerely cared about them.

As I watched blooper after blooper, outtake after outtake, I thought to bad life isn’t that way.  It’s to bad that every time we really messed up we could just hear a voice yell “CUT!”  and just do it all over again.  It would seem life would be so much easier if we had that option.

Now to reality.  I known that if life had that option we would never learn.  Mistakes are something that we learn from.  I know I have made more than my share of mistakes over that past several years, but I have learned from it and I believe I’m a much better person.

Jesus paid the ultimate price for our mistakes.  We just need to acknowledge them, truly ask God for forgiveness, learn from it and be better Christians.  I never would have thought I would write anything for the world to see, especially something praising my Lord God, but from my mistakes I felt it was something I am compelled to do.

He has changed my life.  He has changed my focus.  With Him I don’t need a retake, just His love and forgiveness.  Life is reality, an it’s a gift from God and God IS Love.  So continue forward, and love all. There are no retakes in life.  God Bless.

Cut, that’s a wrap.


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