Charting a New Course – Part 3

I know change is hard when you are undoing decades of damage.  What really strikes me is how personal others take it that you’re turning your life in a different direction.  They let you know how insulted they are, especially when the “Yes’s” come much slower and the “No’s” come much quicker,

It makes it tougher when you are already fighting  your own personal battles.  It becomes more difficult when those you should be able to depend on feel indifferent to whether you are happy or not.

My next phase in my new course is transformation.  It is time to become both mentally and physically healthier in my life.  Decade of a mental web to untangle is going to call for a physically strong body to help the mind.  I have neglected myself in so many ways over the years, I need to become stronger to regain the faith in myself.

I lost my focus that it is God that has prepared my destiny.  Not other people, not even myself.  I have been listening to God and He is sending me in directions and in situations I never would have imagined.  I am doing and planning things that even weeks ago were beyond my wildest dreams.  The interesting part of it all is tha it feels so right.

The transformation has begun.  The power of faith and optimism is overwhelming.  Our God is GREAT!  Our God is GOOD!  Our God LOVES US ALL!

About weightingtobe

On a journey for a full life.
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