Charting a New Course – Part 4

My sole purpose when I started this blog was all about recharging my faith.  Getting that spirit back in me that was filled with unquestionable faith in God.  I wanted to know that no matter how my life was going, I would have faith that God is there to guide me.  I feel I achieved that a couple of months ago.

I realized the other day that I have been so focused on my relationship and faith with God, there’s nothing wrong with that, that I totally forgot all about my faith in others and myself.  I have been so hurt and abandoned by so many over the years, there are just a few people left that I have any faith in.  I have allowed so much to happen to me that faith in myself has gone to an all time low.

I have worked hard for the past two months to find new employment with one heartbreaking rejection after another.  I have messed around with my own health neglecting to do what I truly need to for better health.  I have failed to give it my all in helping those that truly depend on me.

The road the past several years has been a rough one.  I’ve watched my parent’s lives fall apart.  I have watched my career and life take a nose dive.  I have watched my family suffer one life altering situation after another and let it chopped away at the faith I had in myself.

It’s time I get faith back into myself.  It’s time I once again trust in myself and my abilities.  It’s time I have the faith I need in myself to make the  major changes I need to turn my life around. 

I will need time to regain the faith and trust I once had in others.  I have many wounds that need to heal and they will with time.

I continue my journey, heading on a new course.  Working on the things I need to work on and knowing I have the most important tool I need.  My unquestionable faith in God.



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On a journey for a full life.
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