Redefining the Church

It must be nice to have so much power to be able to redefine the meaning of words.  When I grew up, we were taught in school that you are either born a man or a woman.  I never remember the third option unless yo want to talk about hernaphrodites and that was generally reserved for the discussion on earthworms.  Now it’s been redefined not as a biological question but a psychological one.

I remember attending, participating and even having my own wedding.  I always saw, just not told, the definition of marriage was between a man an a woman. Once again, it has been redefined and now has a new meaning.

History is even being rewritten.  If it offends you,you can  find away to have it rewritten, torn down or totally omitted like it never happened.  It’s hard to witness and it keeps getting worse. Yes I said worse.

Now evidently one of the founders of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, believes Facebook will become the new “church” and fill the void for those seeking purpose and belonging.  The place you can go and say what you want and block those that say what you don’t want to hear.  I don’t know about you, but at my church, I don’t have an unfriend option or a unbelieve option.

Today the definition of a church is a building where people go to practice their religion.  I know this definition is subject to change and may have possibly changed before I hit post just because Mr. Zuckerburg said so.  A church is where individuals go to worship and celebrate a common RELIGIOUS belief.  Not a place to chastise, insult, berate and attack those that don’t agree with you that call themselves “Friend”, Facebook.

I like Facebook, but not for my political or religious beliefs.  I save those for other places and times.  I know there are churches that are more like social clubs, been there, done that.  There are churches that are so large there is no feeling of personal belonging, but many churches are home.  Home where we are there amongst those church family members to share our common belief in a higher power.

Mr. Zuckerberg, if you want to be the next  benevolent organization, have at it.  But to equate social media on any level with religion, we continue to see how our values are eroding.  Let’s not redefine “church”, but if you want to redefine Elks, Rotary, Optimist or any other fraternal organization, feel free.

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