Searching for Me

I'm sitting in my car watching the world go by. Confused how the world can act as though all is well while I struggle finding employment. Don't these people realize how much I'm suffering. Don't they realize my daily struggle. How can the world go on without me involved? I know, pretty arrogant words, but so many think that way. I on the other realized years ago that this world will continue without our individual involvement.

I have racked my brain for decades trying to figure out who I truly am. I still haven't found me, but I know that day will come. If my life were a painting, it would be abstract art. I believe everyone that looked at it would have a different opinion, the good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly. I know my life isn't worthless and I have made a difference, but it's the emptiness inside that saddens me.

I have many decisions to make along with many changes. Some of these will be difficult, but I can no longer worry just how it will affect others, but also factor myself in the mix.

I know God has a plan, I just hope I'm not hiding it from myself.

About weightingtobe

On a journey for a full life.
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