Recharge My Faith

It’s sad that often it takes a traumatic moment to get us to take notice of our relationship with God. Yet when those moments come, who is the first one we want to blame. Who do we turn to for answers. I recently went through an experience that sucked the faith from me, body and soul.

This blog is a journal of my journey back from falling so far. I want to document my journey from my total crash and collapse of my faith. To building a relationship with God like I’ve never had before. My hurt came from individuals who’s careers are being “men of God,” but yet hey showed me nothing but evil

My intent is not to hurt those that have hurt me, but to give witness to overcoming this adversity. I want to feel the true love from God and that can’t be gained through hate and revenge.

Feel free to join me on this journey and share your thoughts and prayers.

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